Thursday, July 22, 2010

Nyanya-chan Infiltration parte deux!

Day numero deux after day no se

Today I learned that not only does Konan speak Japanese but her and Pein have conversations in FRENCH to deter the others from listening to their love bird antics. While I was watching the camera in their shared/ separated room (they have separate rooms so that the other akatsuki members will still think that Pein is gay with Itachi and not in love with Konan) they started speaking French so I quickly pulled up my best friend... GOOGLE TRANSLATOR!! Their conversation is as follows, i will put the French first then the english then the spanish so we can all understand.

Konan: Je vous aime tellement!
Pein: Je sais que je t'aime trop, mais Itachi pense que je l'aime toujours, je suis forcé en yaoi avec lui afin que notre couverture n'est pas soufflé!
Konan: Mais ça me fait mal de savoir que vous les gars ont des relations sexuelles, je peux vous entendre à travers le repaire!
Pein:Je sais que mon amour, je suis désolé, mais vous savez qu'il est pour le mieux, non?
Konan: Ces abrutis ne sais pas une chose qu'ils font? Ils sont idiots total!
Pein: Oui, ils sont idiots, mais je dois continuer à faire l'amour avec Itachi, et tu le sais!
Konan: Ok, vous pouvez le deviner, je, personnellement, je suis une fille fan de yaoi donc c'est OK.

Konan: I love you so much!
Pein: I know that I love you too, but Itachi still thinks that I love him, I am forced yaoi with him so that our cover isn't blown!
Konan: But it hurts me to know that you guys have sex, I can hear you through the lair!
Pein: I know that my love, I'm sorry, but you know it is for the best, right?
Konan: These dumbasses do not know anything? They are total idiots!
Pein: Yes, they are idiots, but I must continue to make love with Itachi, and you know it!
Konan: Ok, you can guess, because I am a yaoi fan girl so it's OK.

ペイン:私は、私もあなたを愛してい るが、私はイタチはまだ彼女を愛して考え、私は彼と一緒において、私たちのカバーが吹かれる強制です!
湖南:しかし、それは私はあなたたち はセックスを知っているに越したが、私が巣を介して聞くことができます!
ペイン:私は、私の愛、私は申し訳あ りませんけど、あなたはそれが知っているより、右か?
それは大丈夫そうコナン:はい、あなたは、個人的に私を推測することができます、私はやおいファンの少女をしてい ます。

Konan: Te quiero tanto!
Pein: Sé que Te amo demasiado, pero creo que Itachi aún la amo, me veo obligado yaoi con él para que nuestra cobertura se descubra la verdad!
Konan: Pero me duele saber que ustedes tienen relaciones sexuales, puedo escuchar a través de la guarida!
Pein: Yo sé que mi amor, lo siento, pero sabes que es para mejor, ¿verdad?
Konan: Estos imbéciles no saben lo que hacen? Son idiotas total!
Pein: Sí, son idiotas, pero tengo que seguir para hacer el amor con Itachi, y tú lo sabes!
Konan: Ok, se puede adivinar, yo, personalmente, soy una chica fan yaoi por lo que está bien.

YEAH, awkward conversation to listen to in a Victoria's Secret dressing room, I know. I find it funny how Konan is ok with Pein and Itachi having sex because she is a yaoi fangirl x3


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nyanya-chan Infiltration!

OMJ!! Sorry about not posting my reports of infiltration, i was there for 6 days before they caught me and figured out I was stealing their wifi, they took my laptop and took me prisoner.

My infiltration is as follows.

DAY numero uno
I sneak all ninja-like into the akatsuki lair and discover that they have a convenient backdoor entrance that isn't guarded AT ALL!! I saw hikari-sempai along the way because we both discovered this entrance.

Once inside it was very easy to find my way around because they were stupid enough to put up a map of the whole place in the hall way. (See Above)

I made my way over to Sasori's room and discovered Kyo-danna outside his room with a peep hole... I must've scared tha shit outta her because i quickly had to do the art of transformation and disguise myself as a piece of garbage (there's lots of that all around xP)

I found a quiet place where i could have my headquarters during the infiltration (this happened to be in a dressing room in victoria's secret, it's not included on the map so i can keep it a secret)

The first thing i had to do was put cameras in all the rooms of the akatsuki lair so i could stay in my HQ most of the time. These cameras streamed live to my laptop in my HQ.

Day Numero..... no se
I sat there day and night watching everyone... (Kyo-danna don't check the credit card bill... i had to order a LOT of take out xD) I discovered mannnny things that could lead to some good fanfic. Like Sasori and Kisame have a secret thang going on *shudder* (hika-chan I have the footage for you, there is some gooood yaoi in there... x3)

On this day i found out that the paris hilton puppet that sasori got is really a fantasy toy that he ummm.... extrapolates too? ;D

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Frikitsuki Test!

Frikitsuki Test Of Joinmentness.

1. What is your full name or title?

2. What village are you from?

3. Why have you fled that village?

4. What do you hope to accomplish by joining the Frikitsuki?

5. Why have you joined? (kinda goes along with #4)

6. Gender?

7. Rank?

8. Element(s)?

9. Any criminal experience?

10. Do you like ducks?

11. Are you able to put up with emos?